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Hypnosis Gets Results

April 2nd, 2010 . by admin

The Story of How an Orthopedic Surgeon Uses Subliminal Hypnosis as Effectively as Surgery to Treat Cartilage Damage

Recognized or not, the subliminal hypnosis technique is everywhere in our everyday experience. Another example is the placebo.

Consider the experience of orthopedic surgeon Bruce Moseley, MD, who conducted a study at the Baylor School of Medicine to determine what knee surgery technique gave patients suffering from cartilage damage the most relief.

The patients in the study were divided into three groups. In the first group, Dr. Moseley shaved the damaged cartilage using a standard surgical technique. In the second group, he removed cartilage debris using another standard surgical technique.

In the last group, however, Dr. Moseley faked surgery by making three surface cuts located where a real incision would have been made. He did no surgery at all.

To his astonishment, the group receiving the fake surgery did as well as the groups receiving the real surgery! (The results of this study were reported in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2002.)

With the placebo (subliminal hypnosis) used in this example, the physician is the authority, surgery is the paradigm, and the internal experience is relief from pain.

Hypnosis Gets Results

March 31st, 2010 . by admin

The Story of How an Innocent Teenage Baby Sitter Altered a Child’s Lifelong Behavior and Beliefs

Responding to my pleadings for a scary story, Clara, my teenage baby sitter, told my brave little six year old self about a thirty foot long python who slithered under the bed of an unsuspecting hunter.

Clara opened her arms wide and grabbed me as she told me that the python opened his mouth 180 degrees and clamped his shark like teeth around the hunter’s leg as he stepped from his bed.

She squeezed me tightly as she told me how the python wrapped himself around the hunter, constricting until he crushed him to death. I screamed in horror.

Next she told me the snake swallowed him whole.

I squealed in delight at the tale, unaware as Clara was unaware, that she had just installed a life long behavior of stepping wide to avoid the python when getting out of bed.

Yes, logically I know, always knew, the python isn’t really there. Yet still, I always step wide.

You see, Clara had innocently employed a hypnosis technique, sometimes referred to as subliminal hypnosis or covert hypnosis. This modality is often at play in any situation aimed at control or influence of another’s behavior or belief systems.

To be effective, this hypnosis technique must include three elements:

First, the perpetrator must have authority with the subject and control of the environment. Clara as my older baby sitter was in charge of me.

Second, the new behavior or belief must be governed by doctrine, an accepted theory or paradigm, or trans-logic or fast talk. Clara’s story fit the monsters under the bed paradigm in my imagination.

Third, the perpetrator must create of a strong emotional internal experience in the subject. Clara thrilled me with her story and enhanced the experience with her gestures and actions.

So it was that a new belief and behavior was installed and will continue automatically to govern how I step out of bed. Hypnosis gets results.